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Sunday, April 5, 2009

I wonder if anyone still comes here but i'm posting this anyway.
Summary of Chapter 45 :
Najika is preparing for the Confectionary Competition with Akane's help. Her opinion, that is.
So when Najika goes to the kitchen to go prepare more, Seiya comes up and says ,"What, Najika's in a good mood today. Of course, that idiot Student Council President's feelings aren't that deep."
Akane hears this and objects. She says ," Najika, she has always wished for the happiness of others. But, this was the first time she had her own wish." and there's a picture of Najika saying " I want to be together with Daichi forever."
"For someone like you who does not understand others' feelings, could never win any competition."
Seiya is surprised.  Later Najika comes back in after Akane leaves. Seiya says to Najika " Shouldn't you rest for a bit? In times like this you shouldn't try too hard."
Najika says, "But... There's not much time left before the competition, so there's no time to rest. This is my dream."
Then seiya recalls Akane saying " the first time she had her own wish."
Then seiya hugs Najika.
" Work hard for the Competition."
Najika :" Yeah."
THen she thinks, " That's right... Right now I have to focus on the Competition. Because I can already no longer be by Daichi's side."
Now it's Daichi! He puts his bag down on a table and looks at a picture of Sora. Then he hears knocking on the door.  It's his dad. he says ," Daichi, could you come here for a moment?"
Daichi :" What is it?"
Dad : "We.."
Daichi : "What are..."
Dad:" That is....when there's time we should eat together."
Now, there's a table with one chair on either side so two chairs. There's water and a pan of paella in the middle. Daichi is quite surprised. His dad says ," This is... Sorry, I've only prepared this. Because I only know how to make this."
Daichi :"eh..."
Dad : " Today's dinner is prepared by Father."
Daichi is surprised. "Dad made this?! I thought you didn't ever enter the kitchen?"
"Because daichi likes rice, I made spanish rice, Paella."
"This is Spanish cooking, and you have to use this kind of flat pan for it. You can use vegetables, Meat or fish as long as its all put into the pan with the rice, oil and some other ingredients and cook it then it's fine. When all these flavours are put together, it tastes very nice. Paella, isn't it just like life? It's made of all the good and bad things you've gone through till now...and paella for only one person doesn't taste good, so this is a dish that must be made many times... and shared with the family." Daichi's dad offers him a plate. Daichi takes a spoonful and says it's good. Then his dad says.
"From the time your mom died, we haven't eaten like this. Unknowingly, I started to feel sad, and the school, even more so became my aim in life. I think I must have hurt you deeply. I'm very sorry. From today onwards, are you willing to share paella with your father?"
'Because it's my family, it's harder to open my mouth to talk.' daichi thinks.
"Me too, I didn't realise father's pain, I feel so ignorant..."
"next time, let us be with mother, the three of us, eating paella together."
'Whether its troubles or happiness, let us share it.'
'It's only a family like this.'
"Hey, dad. This paella, did Najika teach you how to make it? When I eat it, I know, because it tastes like Najika made it."
"Of course,you noticed."
Flashback saying 'That is..Director, I have a request. Could you make a dish for Daichi? I think that eating as a family is the greatest happiness. That's why I hope that Daichi can be happy."
"She really thinks of you from the heart." Then Daichi gets up. The director looks at him. "Daichi?"
"I have to see Najika!"
"See najika.. don't you know? She has already left the Campus. She's already left for Paris."
"Ah, Hagio sensei? Yeah I'm leaving now. I will definitely work hard."
Hagio-sensei :" I'm sure you can win. No matter where you are, I will always cheer for you."
Najika :"Yeah, byebye."
Hagio sensei puts down the phone. "Work hard, Najika. -----!" Then she suddenly starts coughing, the breathing deeply. Then Kenta comes in (I hope I didn't get his name wrong) "Hagio sensei? Are you still using the phone -----?" then his face looks shocked. "SENSEI!"  Hagio sensei is lying on the floor unconscious.
Then it goes back to the Airport. "Then you must be careful. Because you're my friend, so you must have faith."
"Thank you, Akane."
Seiya :"We must win this competition especially!"
Najika :" Yeah... yeah!"
Then she thinks,' Goodbye.... Daichi.' and the plane takes off.
I've spent the greater part of an hour on this, so I hope you appreciate it! Sorry about the typos or sloppy bits. xD

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