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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chapter 46 (KP vol 10)

Najika: Wow, you can see the Eiffel Tower from here.
Thinking: Dad, Mom. I've come to Paris. The place where you wanted to go to... Tomorrow is the day of the competition. Please watch over me. Dad, Mom.

Knock, Knock.

Seiya: Najika, Have you prepared for tomorrow?
Najika: Yes, I'm looking over the recipe now. Mizuno, you're probably using those amazing candy flowers aren't you?
Seiya: Yeah, I'll show the whole world my skill. What about you?

Najika: I want to make a rainbow cake. This represents my dream. That is to make the consumers filled with the 7 colours of the rainbow.
Seiya: This is just like an invention made by you (translation sounds a bit weird, so you can also think of it as: This is so much like you)
Najika: Ah.. But I'm so nervous!!I won't be able to sleep tonight. If I was an adult, I could at least drink wine to help.
Seiya: !

Seiya: (winks) Then I'll give you some cocktail.
Najika: What?! No, we can't drink alcohol!
Seiya: Idiot ~ I'm making a cocktail without any alcohol in it. This is what the bartender of my family's restaurant taught me.
(After it is made)
Najika: Wow!
Seiya: this is a cocktail which suits you.
Najika: I feel like I've become an adult. What is it called?
Seiya: "Grey Maiden."

Seiya: In the beginning she was covered in grey dust. She was never invited to the palace ball.But, one day a prince will see her... And let her become a real princess.
Najika: Ha...Honestly, I'm nothing like a princess in a palace.
Seiya: Then... You are the Kitchen Princess.

Najika (thinking): Kitchen... Princess...
Seiya: Is there a chance... that I can be your prince? The feelings I have for you are real.
Najika (thinking): If it was Mizuno, who shares the same dreams and aims as me, it would naturally be compatible. *Thinks of Daichi* But....

Najika: Uh..I'm sorry...I still.. I still like Daichi. Even though I've already been rejected.
Seiya: You really won't forget about him?
Najika: Before Daichi finds his true happiness, I have to watch over him..
(thinking) Even though I can no longer be by his side...
Najika: Because he is the person I like.
(thinking) Only these feelings will never change.
Seiya: Of course, I... lost again.
Najika: I'm sorry.
Seiya: (looks at Najika) Don't make that face!

Seiya: You are my greatest partner.
Najika: ..Yeah.
(Thinking) Thank you, Mizuno.
*Phone starts ringing*
Seiya: Eh? You brought your handphone.
Najika: No. This is only used for emergencies...What happened? *picks up* Hi.
Fuuta (on the other side): Najika?!
Najika: Fuuta? What happened?
Fuuta: What should I do... What should I do... I don't know what I should do.
Najika: Wait... Are you crying? Calm down a bit, Fuuta.
Fuuta: Help! Najika, help! Hagio-sensei is going to die.
Najika (thinking): Eh?
Najika: What... Fuuta... What happened to Hagio-sensei?
Fuuta: Sensei fainted, and the ambulance already took her away... The doctor said her heart wasn't good. If they don't operate soon, her life will be in danger. and they said it would be a very complicated operation. The doctor said... They don't know if they can save her...
Najika: No...way...
(thinking) How can this be? Because... When I called her, she was fine...
(flashback) No matter where you are. Najika, I'll cheer for you.

Seiya: Najika?
Najika: I have to... I.. have to go to where Hagio-sensei is...
Seiya: Go back... But tomorrow is the competition! It's the day your dreams come true!
Najika: But...Hagio-sensei isn't well. If I can be at her side... I'll regret it for the rest of my life!

Seiya *Flashback*
Akane: A person like you who can't understand others feelings could never win any competition.

Seiya: I'll help you prepare your ticket. You can return to the airport now.
Najika: Yeah.. Yeah.
(thinking) I'm begging you..God. Don't take away someone who is important to me again...


Najika (Thinking) Sensei, you have to be alright. Hagio-sensei!
*pulls back the curtain, revealing Hagio-sensei, eyes closed.*
Najika: Sen...sei?
Nurse: Oh my, are you here to visit her?
Najika: That is.. is Sensei...
Nurse:She's just taken some anesthetic. She just needs some rest. The operation was a success. Although she has to stay in the hospital for another three weeks, there's no problem.
Najika(Thinking): No problem.
Najika:...Sensei... That's great....
(thinking) I can see Sensei's smile again....

*Notices all the rest of the orphans in one corner sleeping*
Nurse: Everyone's tired from crying so much...Eh? Wasn't there.. another boy who was taking care... Where did he run off to?
Najika: Huh?

*Najika now outdoors walking down a path*
Najika (thinking): Someone who was taking care of Sensei..Who could it be?
Najika: This is...

Najika: This is where I met my Flan Prince.
*Flashback* When you eat something good, you smile.
Najika(thinking): That sentence.. was always the strength that was supporting me. It's etched into my memories. A memory which I won't forget...*rainbow appears*
Najika: A rainbow...

*A boy with black hair is standing at one end*

Najika (thinking): I always wanted to see him. The person who gave me the light of existence..*Flashback*Daichi is giving her flan.

*Daichi turns around*

Najika (thinking): Daichi....


Sorry. This took so long. It actually stretched over a few days. I've been busy lately, and the internet modem was recently struck down by lightning too. Oh well..We only just got it back up.


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