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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kitchen Princess - Final Chapter - Najika and the Creme Brulee

Daichi : Najika, why are you in Hokkaido..

Najika: I heard that Hagio-sensei fainted of illness, so I rushed back.
Daichi, you... you came to take care if Hagio-sensei.
Najika:.....I....Have something I'd like to ask you one more time.That time.. when I was younger... when I was drowning, the boy who saved me, was you, Daichi, wasn't it?

Najika : Daichi, you are my flan prince, aren't you?

Daichi smiles.
Daichi: That's right.
That day, I saw a girl crying.And because I noticed it, I followed her. When I gave her the flan, her smile, even now I can still remember it clearly.
Najika (thinking): I was always, always looking, whenever I was met with difficulties, my motivation to try harder, was meeting my Flan Prince. After I found him, I would thank him. And I have
finally, found him
*begins to cry*
Daichi :Najika. I had lost my memories of going to Hokkaido. You've probably already heard that from Dad. Sora, the reason he lied to you and said that he was the Flan Prince, was also because he wanted to avoid those memories from returning to me.I was always being protected by Sora. So, I couldn't forget about Sora. I always felt that I couldn't be the only one with Najika, living happily together.
*Najika stops crying*
Daichi: And what you taught Dad to make, Paella, I already ate it with him. It was really delicious. It made me regret that I never treated Dad nicely. When Sora was still around, I also regret not being able to be with him without fighting. I... almost lost something important again.I already don't want to lose anything important to me anymore. Even life is reliant on the decisions made on my own.
This is what you taught me.
I... Like Najika.
(By this point, Najika is crying.)
I want to be together with Najika.
(Daichi bends down so that his head is own the same level as Najika's. He wipes away her tears and then hugs her.)
Najika (Thinking): Daichi. I definitely will never let go, this time I will definitely be happy. Allow the two of us to be happy together.

In the hospital
Hagio-sensei: Najika!
Najika: Hagio-sensei! Can you sit up?
Hagio-sensei: Yes, I'm fine now.
More importantly, I must apologise to you. I caused you to miss the competition.
Najika: No, there will be another competition next time, and Hagio-sensei recovered too. This is great.
Fuuta (rushing in): Najika, on TV, come watch the TV!
TV: Seiya Mizuno, in the International Junior Chef Confectionery Competition held in Paris, is the Japanese person who one first place.
On screen is Seiya in the middle holding this trophy, and some other people in chef clothes clapping.
Daichi, Najika and Fuuta are staring at the TV.
Fuuta: Is that Najika's friend? Amazing!
Najika: Yeah.
(thinking): Congratulations, Mizuno..
Interviewer : The dessert you made is just too amazing. So then, this dessert, could you tell us what it is called?
Seiya : It's called...
(It's a rainbow cake with all the flowers at the side and it looks really good.By the way Najika means Rainbow, according to the Wikipedia.)
Najika (thinking): This is... my dessert cake, with Mizuno's candy flowers.
It's just like a rainbow.
Seiya: This is a friend I respect. And also, a future first-class chef's name. This is something that the two of us made. That's why the best in the world is not just me, but Seiya Mizuno and Najika Kazami. Two people.
Two people are the best in the world...
Seiya: But.. The next competition will definitely be properly judged. But I will be the one winning! Are you watching, Najika?
Daichi: That's just like him!
Najika is smiling : Yeah.
(thinking) Thank you, Mizuno. But, being able to win first, was all due to your own strength.
Interviewer: So, the final question, what was the first dish that you made?
Seiya: FLAN.
When I was young, I was always making flan. My parents were really proud. So they always gave it to customers at out restaurant.
Najika (thinking): giving flan out to customers. *!*
Najika: So that's how it is... Mizuno's flan. Daichi's family received it.
That's why the Prince's flan tasted just like Mizuno's.
That day, when I met Daichi, I also met Mizuno.
One small dessert. Could actually make me meet so many people. This is just like
a miracle...
Najika: Daichi. I want to keep my end of the bargain.

At Lavender House.
Najika is holding up a carton of milk and is obviously making something while Daichi is sitting at a table, watching her.
Najika (thinking): That time, Dad and Mom died leaving me alone, with no hope. But, I met Daichi, and in my dark world, he painted a rainbow.
A seven-coloured rainbow.
Mizuno, Akane, Sora-senpai, Director, Fujita-san, everyone at Lavender House, Dad, Mom, and then there is... Daichi... (Two pages featuring pictures of all the characters)
When I was sad, when I was in pain, everyone's smile encouraged me. Because everyone's words made me stronger, because everyone's warmth made me brave...(two pages featuring alot of memories from the previous volumes of KP, including the flan Prince kissing her forehead and Najika's smile.)
I'll make him the best dessert in the world.
She is holding out a plate with creme brulee in a souffle cup (sorry, don't know what it's called) and on the plate is also the Seika Academy spoon.
Najika : Creme Brulee is made using Egg yolk and fresh butter. It's a type of flan.
Daichi takes a bite.
Najika: I've already kept my promise.
... No... it's not that good yet. (smile)
Daichi: To me, the desserts that Najika make, no matter when, will be the best in the world.
*Najika blushes*
Daichi kisses her forehead, they both blush. Then they kiss. xD
And outsided the window, there is a rainbow.
Najika (thinking): From now onwards, I won't waste my tears. Because I want to turn the warmth that everyone gave me into the form of a dessert, to be eaten all over the world. I hope that after everyone eats the desserts that I make, they will be energised, that they will believe in tomorrow, and will continue to have the will to live.
And then, everyone can smile, and say those magical words I want to hear.
*A hand, probably Daichi's, putting the Seika Academy spoon down*
Daichi : I'm full.
It was delicious.
There's a picture of Najika smiling, and then on the next page, a picture of flan with the Seika Academy spoon.

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